Anne Sexton ~ The Jesus Papers


anne sexton 2



«Chiunque sia Dio continuo a telefonargli.
Non sono sicura che questo sia essere religiosi.
C’è più disperazione che fede in queste mie azioni
(Anne Sexton a Dorianne Goetz, giugno 1965)


The Jesus Papers


Jesus Suckles

Mary, your great
white apples make me glad.
I feel your heart work its
machine and I doze like a fly.
I cough like a bird on its worm.
I’m a jelly-baby and you’re my wife.
You’re a rock and I the fringy algae.
You’re a lily and I’m the bee that gets inside.
I close my eyes and suck you in like a fire.
I grow. I grow. I’m fattening out.
I’m a kid in a rowboat and you’re the sea,
the salt, you’re every fish of importance.

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